What is Virtual Reality?
    • Virtual Reality Headsets
    • Virtual Reality Platforms/applications
    • VR content types
How is virtual reality applicable in Education?
    • Cone of learning
    • Cognitive Load Theory
    • Multimedia Learning Theory
    • Advantages of VR in classroom
How to get started for Learning in VR (for Free)?
    • VR Apps for individual learning - Google Play Store
    • VR Videos for individual learning - Youtube
Which lessons can be converted to VR?
    • Based on NCERT
How to create VR content?
    • Cinematic
    • Graphical
What are Best Practices involved in VR?
    • VR content creation
    • VR content consumption


VR4Learnings is a single app that helps create, publish, distribute and consume Virtual tours. On Teacher/trainer’s part it helps create lesson using 3D and 360 content like photos and videos. read more...

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